Just some of WentFlying's cool features

WentFlying is rather new still, we're adding new features all the time. Here are a few favourites so far...

Glider from Above

Features for gliding

Keep track of launch types, tow release heights, trial flights, outlandings, and for tow pilots, glider tows.

GPS Track

Attach a GPS file to a flight

Store IGC files and GPS tracks directly in your logbook. See at a glance flights with a file attached.


Quick add any aircraft from the United States, New Zealand & Australia

Load any aircraft details from a Database of over 300,000 aircraft! Manually add/edit your own aircraft.


Time tracking by aircraft

See stats on flights by individual aircraft, aircraft models, or aircraft types


Flexible time input

Insert time in minutes, hours and minutes, or decimal hours. View stats for all flying time for any time period.

Engine & Gear Types

Import & export flights

Import and export flights to and from a spreadsheet. Undo an import if it doesn't work as expected. Export the raw MySQL database.

Engine & Gear Types

Track engine & gear types

Set up your aircraft engine and gear types, and see stats for any time period.

More Features coming soon

More features coming soon...

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